From years of building custom software, managing servers and relying on third party tools I've built up a need to measure and keep track of many different metrics. Be it the number of signups to a subscription or response time of an API.

Being able to setup tracking of these data points in a simple and effective way is key, and once it's tracking you don't want to have to think about it. Having used other services to do exactly this over the years I have seen what's working and what needs development. Said and done - when what I needed wasn't too be found I set about to build it. And that's Umlogger. Nothing to install, easy to setup, and not expensive.

Who it's for?

Once you start measure, it's easy to see the datapoints you want to keep track of in the most different places and situations. As a product manager I want to keep track of various KPIs such as conversion rates, signups, failed tasks, etc. As a home tinkerer I'm tracking the up/download speeds of my ISP and home automation data. The possibilities are, if not limitless, at least vast.

Who am "I"?

Let me introduce myself briefly - I've been coding and building things on the internet for the last 20+ years. From small personal projects, to startups and in enterprise environments. A lot of my time have been spent in the music business as well as in e-commerce (I'm also the founder of the boutique e-commerce platform Umbra Commerce).

The future

Umlogger is already used in production for tracking and monitoring vital data points in various projects. Staying true to the vision of being easy to use and avoid turning into a bloated enterprise tool is crucial, but with that said, things can always be improved. So, Umlogger will develop and add features, or change the existing ones, but always with a keen focus on feedback from users.

/Håkan, founder of Umlogger

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