Track anything

Simple service to track, chart and analyze your data metrics.

Send your data via the simple API and view the results in clear graphs. If you want to get fancy, we have features such as alarms, annotations and more.

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Visualize data

Each metric is presented in a clean and clear chart. Tweak time period and resolution to your convenience.

You can choose to track occurrence of events, or a changing value over time.


Get notified when something changes for better or worse, with customised settings.
Did the conversion rate drop more than 10%? Trigger alert!
No data in the last hour? Trigger alert!

Email summaries

Once per day we send you a summary of the metrics in your account, helping you view the current status without having to log in every day.


Simple API

Sending data to umlogger is easy. We have code snippets ready for you in many languages.


curl -d "metric_name=response_time&value=21&apikey={apikey}"


<img src="{pubkey}&value=1"/>

Javascript, PHP, Go, and more...

View all code samples.

Start for free

It's easy to get started. You can try out for free and after 30 days the basic plan starts at only 1$ per month. See plan details here or reach out to us for more details.

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